A Weapon for Winning

Welcome to the world little buddy.

Building upon the success of the ARRIVAL 152 platform, we have unleashed the beast! This descent-eating monster asks riders to push the limits and shave seconds off of their times. More where needed, but not overdone. The ARRIVAL 170 is a proven and unapologetic Enduro weapon that punches above it's weight class. Stop the struggle, and gain control of your ride. This is what you've all been waiting for.

170MM SP1 - XO1 AXS 


170MM SP2 - GX AXS


Wheel Size


Front Travel

170mm stock build, but can be pushed to 190mm

Rear Travel



To show NO mercy

Dig in!

ARRIVAL Tech Support


The Arrival is not currently UDH compatible. Please stay tuned while we work towards an update for current and future Arrival owners.

  • 230mm for medium bike

  • 240mm for large bike

  • 250mm for extra large bike

  • If the rider weight is between 100-125lbs, we recommend 350 to 375 spring rate

  • If the rider weight is between 125-150lbs, we recommend 400 to 425 spring rate

  • If the rider weight is between 150-175lbs, we recommend  450 to 475 spring rate

  • If the rider weight is between 175-200lbs, we recommend 500 to 525 spring rate

  • If the rider weight is between 200-225lbs, we recommend 550 to 575 spring rate

  • If the rider weight is between 225-250lbs, we recommend 600 to 625 spring rate

  • If the rider weight is between 250lbs and more, we recommend 650 to 675 spring rate

  • 6 of Enduro Bearings 6901 LLU MAX Single row all stainless steel

  • 4 of Enduro Bearings 3901 LLU MAX Double row standard

To give all customers the ability to adjust their preferred stack height. If we choose to go the route of a higher stack this removes that ability. The Arrival sits in a happy medium where you can run a lower stack and adjust by using a higher rise bar and spacers to hit that higher stack if you wish.

Q-factor is boost 168mm and 52mm chainline.

Arrival headset specs

ZS Tapered 44mm/56mm headset.


If the ARRIVAL 170 isn't your entry point, head over to learn more about the middle child. By clicking below you may see things that might elicit feelings of joy and happiness.

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