Arrival 130

Aggressive Trail Machine
ARRIVAL 130 - SP1 Limited Edition
ARRIVAL 130 - SP1 Limited Edition
ARRIVAL 130 - SP1 Limited Edition
ARRIVAL 130 - SP1 Limited Edition
ARRIVAL 130 - SP1 Limited Edition
ARRIVAL 130 - SP1 Limited Edition
ARRIVAL 130 - SP1 Limited Edition
ARRIVAL 130 - SP1 Limited Edition
ARRIVAL 130 - SP1 Limited Edition
ARRIVAL 130 - SP1 Limited Edition
ARRIVAL 130 - SP1 Limited Edition

ARRIVAL 130 - SP1 Limited Edition

Regular price$8,300.00

The Limited Edition Arrival 130 platform is a trail bike designed to destroy climbs and fly down fast, flowy single track. Hand built for riders who value climbing efficiency and want a bike that provides the confidence to rip any descent. The Arrival 130 builds momentum quickly, pushing you out of berms and providing the speed needed to be the first down the trail. If you're a rider looking to fly up the climbs with ease and you demand a nimble, playful, confidence inspiring whip, the Arrival 130 was hand built for you!

This Limited run of 60 is available in a Desert Gold finish, which highlights our hand laid carbon work. The Arrival 130 is UDH compatible and can be configured as a mullet setup. It is specced with SRAM X0 Eagle Transmission drivetrain and RockShox Ultimate suspension.

If you would like to set up the Arrival 130 as a mullet, please reach out to us to special order.

Tech specs

Build Arrival 130mm SP1 - SRAM X0 Eagle AXS T-Type
Suspension Fork - RockShox Pike Ultimate, 140mm Charger 3 RC2 w/ButterCups, 44mm Offset Shock - RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate, 185x50, RC2T *We Are One Composites is not responsible for any damage to a frame caused by a shock that we do not spec. To verify shock fitment, please email us at
Wheelset Rims - We Are One Convergence Sector Wheels Front Hub - I9 Hydra, 28 hole, Boost, 6-Bolt Rear Hub - I9 Hydra, 32 hole, Superboost, XD, 6-Bolt
Drivetrain Rear Derailleur - SRAM X0 Eagle T-Type, 12spd POD Controller - SRAM X0 AXS POD Ultimate Controller Cranks - SRAM X0 Eagle T-Type Dub Aluminum, 170mm Chainring - SRAM X0 Eagle T-Type 32T Narrow-wide Cassette - SRAM X0 Eagle T-Type 10-52t Bottom Bracket - SRAM DUB Wide BSA 73 Threaded Chain - SRAM X0 Eagle T-Type, 12spd
Brakes Brakes - SRAM Code Ultimate Stealth, 4 Piston Rotors - SRAM HS2, 200mm front, 180mm rear
Controls Headset - I9 RiX Bar & Stem - We Are One Da Package, 45mm Stem, 20mm Bar on M, 27.5mm Bar on L, 35mm Bar on XL Grips - SDG/ODI Hansolo Lock-on Dropper Post - SRAM AXS Reverb Dropper, 31.6mm Saddle - SDG Bel-Air V3 Front Tire - Vittoria Mazza Trail 2.6 Rear Tire - Vittoria Mazza Trail 2.4
Dropper Post SRAM AXS Reverb Dropper, 31.6mm
Weight L - 29 lbs / 13.15 kg *Weight without pedals or sealant
Wheel Size 29er
Front Travel 140mm
Rear Travel 130mm
Purpose To bring smiles and happiness

Whether you are planning to build up an Arrival 130 to your specifications or upgrade a complete build with fresh parts, we can help guide you through the process. Our customer service team is here to help support your build.

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130 Geometry and Sizing

It's in the details


All of our key fasteners are titanium. They shave weight, increase durability, and last longer without degrading.


Shaving 50g of weight while keeping the fatigue of the original link was a big move. Using carbon allowed for a stiffer link and reduced part costs we could share with our customers.


All ARRIVAL frames come equipped with full stainless Enduro Max bearings. These are custom ordered from Enduro and have unmatched shelf life and re-packablity by using all stainless steel, customers can keep their bearings rolling smoother for longer.


Locally sourced frame protection. This includes the new We Are One Shuttle Pad.


We believe that riders deserve the very best riding experience possible. What we knew before we started, was that the experience we craved and wanted for our riders, did not exist, so we built it.

The Arrival was created to blaze trails, break boundaries and redefine what was possible in North American manufacturing. It was a bold experiment, manufacturing a different way. Going against the industry defaults, the naysayers and the fearful. We Are One was not deterred… in fact, those who said it couldn’t be done fuelled us even more.

Driven by a desire to do things differently, we push through design challenges with grit and determination. Together, we were able to do what everyone else said was impossible. We made a rider’s bike, entirely from scratch in our factory in Kamloops BC. By designing and engineering every detail, we are able to control and improve this process every single day. We have the ability, skill and machinery to turn an idea and napkin sketch into a high performance enduro bike.

We imagine, design and machine our own aluminum molds to produce our hand-laid carbon products. Our layups are our own and we have the ability to test and develop them, improve them, change them incrementally with knowledge gained from every step of our proprietary process. By designing and developing in house, we have complete control and visibility into our entire process.

We did it and have proven that you can make an amazing, high end mountain bike completely in our Kamloops facility, from start to finish.

Arrival Guides

The Arrival 130 was designed to be set with 30% sag.

Since every product is Hand Laid here in Kamloops, BC, we confidently stand behind
our products and offer them a lifetime warranty to the original owner,
plus a crash replacement policy that ensures all of our supporters are
looked after. We love seeing our products in the wild and want to ensure
there is no hesitation once you have committed to becoming a part of
the family.


The Arrival is currently UDH compatible.

  • 240mm for M
  • 250mm for L
  • 260mm for XL

Please confirm insertion specs on your dropper post as different droppers have unique insertion ranges.

L LN 320

  • If the rider weight is between 100-125lbs, we recommend 350 to 375 spring rate
  • If the rider weight is between 125-150lbs, we recommend 400 to 425 spring rate
  • If the rider weight is between 150-175lbs, we recommend 450 to 475 spring rate
  • If the rider weight is between 175-200lbs, we recommend 500 to 525 spring rate
  • If the rider weight is between 200-225lbs, we recommend 550 to 575 spring rate
  • If the rider weight is between 225-250lbs, we recommend 600 to 625 spring rate
  • If the rider weight is between 250lbs and more, we recommend 650 to 675 spring rate
  • 6 of Enduro Bearings 6901 LLU MAX Single row all stainless steel
  • 4 of Enduro Bearings 3901 LLU MAX Double row standard

To give all customers the ability to adjust their preferred stack height. If we choose to go the route of a higher stack this removes that ability. The Arrival sits in a happy medium where you can run a lower stack and adjust by using a higher rise bar and spacers to hit that higher stack if you wish.

Q-factor is boost 168mm and 55mm chainline.

ZS Tapered 44mm/56mm headset.

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