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Not all Carbon rims are created equally. Here at We Are One we are the first manufacturer to bring transparency to the process and products. Our unmatched quality and precision tolerances allow us to make the best carbon rims on the market. Period!

Hand-making each rim here in Kamloops BC allows us to have a unique layup process, developed here in-house, allows for precise fiber placement, giving No fiber drift or bridging during layup. This process ensures that all our fiber strands are under correct elongation and are carrying the loads they should. All of our rims are perfect out of the mold. We do not sand, fill, paint, or doctor any of our products.

Each rim is assigned a unique serial number that is tracked and assembled by one of our layup staff. Our team takes great care and pride and only produce the best rim possible.


Purpose - With the resurgence of XC and the explosion of gravel, we had the vision to develop a rim that would offer maximum comfort and deliver the confidence for the rider who chooses the lightweight hardtail over a dually. The layup has been completely redesigned and offers high strength with the lowest radial stiffness possible. Pair this with our industry-leading out of mold tolerances, and you can bring on the long days in style!

Tires - The tires we recommend are 38c and up for gravel.  For XC 2.1 - 2.35 tires would be ideal.

Weights - 345g per rim. Available in 29er only

*** 24h, 28h, and 32h in rim only *** For rim only click here


Purpose Trail bikes with under 140mm of travel are fun weapons of choice. When it comes to wheels pairing a bike with the right tool for the job is paramount. Dressing the bike with too wide of a rim does not fit the bill for these bikes. These trail bikes need a good selection of rubber, but also need to maintain their playful nature, and this is our answer. Bring on the 27mm internal width of The Faction. A rim that punches well above its weight in overall strength, but rolls as you'd want on a trail bike. Lightweight and surprisingly strong!

Tires - The tires we recommend are a range from 2.1 - 2.5

Weights - 425g per rim. Available in 29er only
*** 28h and 32h in rim only *** For rim only click here


Purpose - The Convert is the answer to a wider format rim that gives the ultimate stability and traction. Perfectly suited for clunker hardtails and plus bikes where larger tires are the game. With such a large tire contact patch, you'll never need to worry about losing traction. Try them, you will become converted!

Tires - The tires we recommend are a range from 2.5 - 3.0

Weight - 495g for the 27.5 and  515g or the 29er

*** 28h and 32h in rim only *** For rim only click here


Purpose There were 3 main points that went into The Union. We wanted a rim that was lighter than The Agent, had lower radial stiffness than anything we'd made before, and gain a dramatic increase in impact resistance. With our new philosophy on layup design and these key points, we were able to achieve something truly impressive. This rim is made for those who want to race Enduro at a high level and ride harder than ever before. If you have ever had doubts about carbon rims, look no further than The Union.

Tires - The tires we recommend are a range from 2.35 - 2.8

Weight - 485g for the 27.5 and 495g for the 29er

*** 28h and 32h in rim only *** For rim only click here


Purpose -  World Cup Downhill ready and proven. The Strife is the rim that helps you gain those missing seconds that put you on the podium. Our most durable rim has been tested at the World Cup level and already been on three podiums in its short life. When you want the best rim and do not want to worry about durability, The Strife will have your back. Reduced radial stiffness, increased lateral stiffness, and a massively impact-resistant rim. Choose The Strife for your rims if there are seconds on the line, and your competition is right behind you. 

Tires - The tires we recommend are a range from 2.35 - 2.8

Weights - 580g for the 27.5 and 605g for the 29er

*** 28h and 32h in rim only *** For rim only click here

DJ - Slopestyle

Purpose -  Designed to be the world's best DJ/Slope rim possible. All the stiffness you need with the impact strength to keep on taking those slams during progression. The Coup has proven to win Slope contests at the highest level and gets props at any jump jam it hits. If you want to spin faster and carry more speed from hit to hit, The Coup is the ticket! Remember, 26 ain't dead!!

Tires - The tires we recommend are a range from 2.1 - 2.4

Weights - 425g in 26" only!!

*** 28h, 32h and 36h in rim only *** For rim only click here

Let us help you build the best wheel!

 Building with our carbon rims is a pleasure. We do have some requirements that will ensure you achieve the best possible outcome and reduce the risk of unforeseen issues out on the trail.

Some key tips

Spoke Tension Meter

We always require that you build with a high-end tension gauge. Make sure that the tension meter is calibrated and reading correctly. 

Our high tension target is 115kg/f. Do your best to keep all tension within 2% from one spoke to the next on each side of the hub. If you can achieve better, the better the wheel will be, and the longer it will go without needing maintenance.

DO NOT build our wheels without a tension meter. It will lead to premature failure and undue stress on the rim.

Sapim Polyax Secure Lock Nipples

All of our rims must be assembled with Sapim spokes and nipples. Sapim makes by far the best nipple in the industry, and we do not rely on anyone else in-house. 

The shape of the Polyax nipple is ideal for building without washers and provides the best possible nipple to spoke articulation to date. 

If you cannot use or find the Polyax nipples, let us know, and we can sell you some and ship them with your rim order.

Pro Level Truing Stand

Using high-quality tools always gives the best outcome. If you have taken on the job of building up your wheel, please ensure you have the required tools to do so. 

A professional Parktool truing stand, lateral dishing tool, and high quality 4 sided spoke keys are an excellent place to start. 

Take your time and enjoy the process. Building wheels can be very rewarding and the outcome, if done right, can last a lifetime. 

You got this!

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