Arrival UDH Chain Guide
Arrival UDH Chain Guide

Arrival UDH Chain Guide

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This Arrival UDH compatible chain guide mounts to your mountain bike giving you an extra sense of security, hopefully ensuring that you won't ever drop your chain. When you are flying through rough sections of trail, the chain will jump up and down and can sometimes work its way off the chainring. The chain guide's job is to keep the chain inline with the teeth on the chainring so that as you continue pedaling, the chain will continue to fall in to place. The chain will be getting thrown in every direction between the chainring and the cassette, but as long as the chain guide is doing its job, you can keep putting out power.

The back plates for our Arrival chain guides are machined in-house and matched up with the top guide from 77Designz. The two lower holes are threaded and spaced at ISCG05 so that you can easily mount a taco style bash guard to it.

Weight: 31g

This guide is compatible with SRAM T-Type drive lines

Chain Guide Installation Manual

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