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Fighting to keep it local
Here at We Are One Composites, we take great pride in the craftsmanship that goes into all of our products. Our mission is to connect our customers to where their products come from and how they are made. All of the laminate staff put their names on each product to show that they are pouring their passion into the product you receive. It is a sign of pride that we demand quality before quantity.

The entire organization believes in growing our manufacturing capability in Kamloops and hopes this inspires other companies to consider doing the same thing. It would be amazing to one day collaborate and increase the quality in the industry with other like-minded companies that making their products here and sharing these values.

The name We Are One is heavy on the "We" aspect, and our team is the lifeblood of our organization.


What does that mean?

From design to assembly and all the steps in-between, we have complete control. Owning all of our processes allows us to set tighter tolerances, set and hit our quality standards, and ensure that the product is consistent.

Sitting down to develop a product, iterating and poring over the details until the result is precisely what we want. The ease of this allows for results at a rampant rate. Connecting all of our departments during the process ensures nothing is left out.

The paramount goal for our engineering team is to push our ability to achieve a new concept for lamination. The goal is for perfect fibre orientation and maximum strength to stiffness characteristics. Challenging the industry norms and exploring what is possible.

Vertical integration begins with our machine shop. With a fully equipped CNC machine shop, our team of machinists works alongside our engineers to set our tolerances, ensuring runout is kept to a minimum. From moulding, fixtures, tools, jigs, and hardware, our machine shop is dialled.

Race on a Sunday and sell on Monday. This is so close to our prototyping abilities. We can dream up an idea on a Monday and test it at the races or trails on Sunday. True ability under one roof.

A well-equipped testing lab is mission-critical to ensure we exceed standards and understand our failures. We have a full suite of impact, fatigue, and acquisition machines in-house. Before it hits the market we know it is more than good.

All of our manufacturing processes are developed to reduce the amount of post mould labour and push the performance of carbon fibre. Our goal is not to replace people. Instead, we give them the proper tools and knowledge to make products better out of carbon fibre with more accuracy and speed.

Zero Plastic Packaging 

All of our products are shipped and packaged in recycled cardboard. The design of each shipping box has the goal of zero plastic. After our customers have unpacked their products, the entire box and its sub-components can be recycled again.

Additionally, we are striving to improve our ability to reduce our impact and energy consumption and continue to do so as we mature and newer technologies allow us.