We're going racing and entering the world stage at the 2024 UCI Downhill World Cup!

The We Are One Momentum Project exists to highlight continuous progression and forward movement. It's a project that suggests unity and a common drive towards something greater. The focus of this team is really an R&D project which aims to push the limits of North American carbon manufacturing, capture podiums and build the best damn DH bike out there! 

Mens Elite

Mark Wallace

“It’s great to be heading into this season with confidence in the team and the strong brands that are backing us. I’m looking forward to going racing on a Canadian built We Are One!”

World Junior

Jon Mozell

“I am really looking forward to having the chance to work with We Are One; they make some super cool and well-performing bikes, and them being Canadian and close to home makes it extra special. Having Mark Wallace as a teammate is also a dream come true; he's someone I've looked up to throughout my career."

Team Management by

Stereo Racing

“At Stereo Racing we are committed to cultivating a pathway for Canadian athletes, nurturing their talent, and fostering a culture that embodies the heart of mountain bike culture in Canada. Our partnership with We Are One Composites has been born out of a deep understanding of our shared values. We believe that it is the people that make a team great, and it takes a great team to find success in sport.”

Part 2 - Cypress Test Camp

The Team met up for a second round of test on Cypress Mountain on Vancouver's North Shore. The goal of this test camp was to further dial in the prototype DH bikes in preparation for the first block of World Cup races; Fort William in Scotland and Bielsko Biala Poland.

Conditions on Cypress where ideal with early season loamy dirt, great weather and fast trails. Mark Wallace took a number of laps and got his bike tuned and dialled for the upcoming world cup in Fort William.

The riding was fast and fun. Jon Mozell really kicked things into high gear and is feeling comfprtable on the DH Prototype. On the menu for Mark Wallace and Jon Mozell were freshly machined links, new leverage ratio modifiers, race simulation runs and a ton of vert!
The Team made a stop at SRAMs North Vancouver office to meet the crew and check out the space. We're stoked to work so closely with Rockshox and SRAM. Tuned suspention and having the latest components on hand can give the team an added edge come race day.

Part 1 - Mt Prevost Test Camp

The Momentum Project is underway with our first team test camp which provides the opportunity to build, bond and come together on one of Canada’s only winter DH spots, Mt Prevost on Vancouver Island.

Mark Wallace and Jon Mozell spent 4 days testing the new Protoype DH bike, while Darren and Vlad dialed in the rig by working with the riders to find the perfect baseline kinematics and suspension set up. With extremely positive rider feedback and the ability to rapidly prototype in Kamloops BC, the team is truly building momentum. 

Getting a prototype bike dialled and set up to a racers preferences is an involved process with constant feedback from the rider to their mechanic. After each lap adjustments are made to further hone in on perfection.

Lap after muddy lap

Mt Prevost, on Vancouver island, is the perfect testing ground. Mark grew up riding here and still spends a ton of time on its many trails. Familliar terrain is the best terrain when getting on a prototype DH bike for the very first time. Conditions where perfect and Mark and Jon put the prototypes to work.

Video by Aedan Skinner // Photos by Jake Paddon

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