We Are One Lifetime Warranty Policy

We’ve done our homework, tested our products, and know that they exceed industry standards. With all of our knowledge, we have the confidence to offer a LIFETIME Warranty.

Please note that due to some people taking "NO questions asked" to the extreme, our warranty does not cover vehicular incidents, vehicular accidents, or vehicular stupidity. We cover all accidents that occur while riding your bike. 

If your bike, wheels, or rims are stolen we will not consider that a warranty replacement. Yes, someone tried this. We feel that our warranty is offered for those "oops" riding incidents. If you do, however, manage to make a mistake out there in the big world and it is not while riding, let us know your story. We can be more than fair if the story is good enough to warrant it. If not, we will offer 50% off a new rim as a crash replacement and call it fair.

Rims & Wheels

If you break a rim while riding, we will send you a new one. Period. It is that simple. No rim replacement cost (except for shipping). No hidden fine print. Lifetime support.  Rim warranty covers original owners only. We do offer second-hand owners 50% a new crash replacement rim.

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Da Bars and Da Stems are covered with a lifetime warranty against any defect that may come from our manufacturing process or materials. A lifetime warranty only applies to the original owner. 

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As a manufacturer, we feel that the planet has given us the materials to build these bikes and it is our job to make sure that they last, and are not taken for granted.

One significant difference we will be offering is the ability to repair our frames. Since we make frames in-house, we can also repair them, keeping our products from needing to be recycled. The process is more labour intensive than building a new frame. However, the result isn't about labour and costs, it is about our impact on the environment and keeping our products rolling longer than others. The repair program will assign a cost to repair the frame and will be non-for-profit, meaning our costs will be covered, and the customer gets to keep riding the product after the repair.

A lifetime warranty will be applied to all of our frames and will cover against any frames We Are One determines to be defective materials or from our craftsmanship.

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Additional Costs


Shipping for any warranty will be at the cost of the customer, both to and/or from We Are One facility. Those costs will be invoiced to the customer based on the shipping fees to their area.


  • Full Bearing Installation $15.00

  • Single Hub Bearing Installation $10.00

  • Tire Removal (per tire) $10.00


  • Brake Rotor Removal (per rotor) $5.00


  • Cassette Removal $15.00


  • Hub Cleaning  $10.00


  • Tire Insert Removal (per insert) $30.00


  • Spoke Replacement $5.00