The Factory

At We Are One Composites, we hand make high quality carbon fibre mountain bikes, wheels and cycling components. All our manufacturing happens under one roof in Kamloops, BC Canada. Our mission is to connect our customers to where their products come from, how they are made and who made them. We take great pride in the craftsmanship that goes into everything we make. 

We imagine,

design and machine our own aluminum molds to produce our hand-laid carbon products. Our layups are our own and we have the ability to test and develop them, improve them, change them incrementally with knowledge gained from every step of our proprietary process. By designing and developing in house, we have complete control and visibility into our entire process.

Make the mold

Our in house machine shop allows us to develop and build our own tooling, molds and small parts


we were able to do what everyone else said was impossible. We hand make everything, entirely from scratch in our factory in Kamloops BC. By designing and engineering every detail, we are able to control and improve this process every single day. We have the ability, skill and machinery to turn an idea and napkin sketch into a high performance enduro bike or ride enhancing rims.

We know carbon

We've been working with carbon for years and have the ability to work with many different materials to achieve our desired ride feel

We’ve found a way

to offer quality, strength and performance at a reasonable price. Finding a way to accomplish this is what fuelled the creation of We Are One. By going against the norms and doing things our way, we’ve figured it out. Call it what you like, we’re turning a middle finger up at the most archaic parts of the industry.

Hand Laid

Each Rim, Bar or Frame that leaves our factory is hand laid by skilled individuals who ensure that each layer of carbon is perfectly place. The last step in their process is hand signing each component they lay up

We believe

in blazing our own trails and doing things our way. In 2017, we began making carbon wheels in Kamloops BC Canada. The industry thought we were crazy and didn’t understand how we could survive making EVERYTHING, molds included, in house and by hand. The naysayers and doubters pushed us further and we innovated new, more efficient ways of manufacturing locally.

Constant maintenance

Each mold is carefully maintained to ensure that every rim we make is perfect.

We analyze our process

and make constant small improvements, saving time and money. We produce less waste and adapt quickly. We Are more efficient utilizing a Kaizen approach to everything we do and are hyper aware of our process and quality, every step of the way. This belief in practice, allows us to pass unmatched value along to riders.

Hand Build

When you get a We Are One wheelset you can ensure that it perfectly true and ready to ride.

Driven by a desire

to do things differently, we push through design challenges with grit and determination. We believe that riders deserve the very best riding experience possible. What we knew before we started, was that the experience we craved and wanted for our riders, did not exist, so we built it.

We are collectively, people moving forward with one drive, under the same roof, who together are making amazing products by hand.   This is a core value of We Are One. 

Join us, We Are One.