Arrival Linkage Kit
Arrival Linkage Kit

Arrival Linkage Kit

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Swapping links is an easy process and can be done one at a time so that you don't have to fully separate the triangles. When you reassemble the bike, please refer to the torque specs below.

Please note that it will require adding one complete chain link (set of inner and outer plates) to your chain to compensate for the longer chainstay length.


Are you looking to take your Arrival and really bump it up to Enduro race podium worthiness? Or are you the rider that's looking to hit the next big feature, ride the roughest tracks and still be able to efficiently climb back up to the top of any trail? Or maybe you want to add the latest carbon bridged linkage kit to bling it out and shave some weight? Then these interchangeable linkage kits are exactly what you've been looking for!

Please Note, if you are purchasing a link only, the shock specs are:

170mm Links require 205 x 65 (tr) Shocks

152mm Links require 185 x 55 (tr) Shocks

130mm Links require 185 x 50 (tr) Shocks

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