General FAQ

The name “We Are One” is heavy on the “We” aspect, and our team is the lifeblood of our organization. As a company that is made by riders for riders, we take great pride in the craftsmanship that goes into all of our products making our mission to connect our customers to where the products come from and how they are made.

We came bursting into the market in 2016.

We are located in the sunny southern interior, in Kamloops BC, Canada.

At this time We Are One only maintains a manufacturing and office space with no physical store. You can find our products in many of the local bike shops and we are always here to answer any questions or concerns that you may have!
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Here at We Are One, it is our philosophy that if we are going to bring anything to market, we better damn well make it. Nothing can be left to chance and we need to control the complete process. So everything from our rims, cockpit solutions and bikes are ALL made in-house, in Kamloops, BC.

We are Canada’s pioneer carbon fibre mountain bike and rim manufacturer. Our Da Package has your ultimate cockpit solution, being one of the world’s lightest and strongest bar and stem combos on the market. We have an array of carbon fibre rims to offer for all kinds of riding. And to bring it all home we have our 100% designed, manufactured and assembled ARRIVAL bike.

We are always open to input from our consumers and would love to hear what you think we should add to our list of fully Canadian Made carbon fibre bike products. Send us an email to [email protected] and let us know how we can expand the experience.

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We do offer a limited pro-form program, please email us at [email protected] and tell us why you feel like you are eligible and let's see what we can do!

We have a Facebook group for other Revolution members. Please click below to join.
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Ordering FAQ

We are doing our best to get you out on the trails enjoying We Are One products as soon as we possibly can. With that being said, all wheels are made to order and lead times will vary depending on what and when you order. Typical lead times are between 2-4 weeks.

Once your order has passed all quality checks and is packaged up, we will send you the courier tracking number.

Depending on where you are located you can expect different shipping times.

- Within Western Canada you can expect anywhere from 2-4 days.
- Within Eastern Canada you can expect anywhere from 5-7 days.
- Within United States you can expect 2-4 days.
- International shipments are anywhere from 5-15 business days.

If you are in Kamloops and able to pick your order up, that works for us! Our office is open Monday - Friday, 9 am - 4 pm. Just send us an email to [email protected] with Sale Order # and we can make sure that we have your order ready for a pick-up.

We would hate to see you cancel an order but, yes you can. That being said since all orders are manufactured to order there is a 15% restocking fee for orders after a 2 business day grace period.

This is dependent on your location. Within Canada, you are responsible for your provincial taxes. In the United States, you should not experience any additional taxation as it is built into your price. For International orders, you will be responsible for paying any duty and import taxes for your We Are One shipment.

Unfortunately, as all of our products are manufactured to order we do not offer returns on any of our products.

Wheels FAQ

For us, tubeless is the way to go! So yes, all of our wheels are shipped tubeless ready with tape and valves already installed. All you need to do is put on a tire and add sealant before hitting the trails!

At the moment we are not offering any of these additional parts to go with your wheels.

Potentially, it depends on where your order is in the queue. If your wheels are already built then unfortunately, we are unable to make any further changes.

We do have options for your E-bike. Our Convert is the wider wheel allowing for more air volume making for less of an impact and our Strife is one of our most durable rims due to our in-house lay up procedure. These would be our top options for E-bikes.
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Front - Spoke holes point towards the non-disk side
Rear - Spoke holes point towards the disk side

115kgf on the High tension side

Front high tension is disk side

Rear high tension is drive side

29” is 2x and 27.5” is 3x. We find with the We Are One rims these lacing patterns tend to give you the best ride quality out of our product!

For your spokes and nipples we would suggest reaching out to your local bike shop first. If they are not able to help you, let us know and we can certainly assist in getting you fully set up.

CX-Rays are a great weight saving tool for your wheelset, saving approximately 100 grams per wheelset (depending on your rim and hub configuration). The spokes also provide the same ride characteristics as our standard Race spokes.

Arrival FAQ

Speed! The Arrival is a bike that is made and loves to go fast. While it may take a few rides to get your bike set up, you will not be disappointed with your ride and how fast the Arrival pushes you to go.

Click on the super helpful link below and check out our step by step install guide!
Chain guide installation

We wanted a stable bike but did not like the wide sluggish Q-factor with the 157 platforms. Instead, we kept the width where we wanted it out back and took advantage of a 52mm chainline, dropping in a 148 Boost crankset that offers up a more lively 168mm Q-factor.

The Arrival features a threaded 68mm BB Shell for easy servicing and no creaking.

Tapered 44mm/56mm headset.

No, the Arrival was designed around a full 29” set up. Running a mullet will drop your bottom bracket too low and will slacken your bike out substantially.

The Arrival performs best using a 160mm fork. You are able to run a 170mm fork if you please.

Given the Arrival's leverage curve, the lower sag rate provides the best mix of climbing and descending offering a firm enough platform going up the hill to not require a climb switch, but also giving you the level of traction you need while riding the fastest, techiest, and chunkiest downhills.

You may use other options, but We Are One does not guarantee the fitment outside of shocks which we spec. If you have any questions please contact us and we can work with you.

Yes, the Arrival has an overall progressive leverage curve which plays well with both air and coil shocks.

M = 230mm
L = 240mm
XL = 250mm

Your front tire is determined by your chosen fork. For the rear we recommend a maximum of a 2.5” tire on a 35mm internal rim.

We are working on a longer and shorter travel linkage kit to go along with our 152mm travel version. The frame was designed with this in mind and has been laid up with the required strength needed to run the longer travel option, but still at a lower weight to make it acceptable as a short travel option.

Da Package FAQ

Da Package is one of, if not the lightest DH strength bars on the market. Mix this in with smart technology like our anti crimp sleeve and a layup design that is optimized for vertical flex to lessen your hand and upper body fatigue. We offer the best cockpit on the market. Who doesn’t need this on their ride, plus who can argue that Johnny Cash Black?!

The bar is made from Toray Pre-preg Carbon fibre and the stem is made for 7075 Aircraft grade aluminum.

9 degrees back and 5 degrees up.

 4.5NM from stem to bar and 6.5NM from stem to steer.

Please refer to the manufacturers recommendation as this gives the most optimal round clamping surface onto the bar.