Triad 30mm Carbon Rim

Triad 30mm Carbon Rim

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PURPOSE - Enduro

The Triad is our newest 30mm internal width Enduro carbon rim with Convergence technology. With data driven improvements, the Triad utilizes Convergence Rim Technology that hits 33% stronger and rides 18% more damped than anything we have created in the past. This means that when you choose a rim with Convergence technology you are getting a rim that will stay true longer, need less maintenance over time and provide a smooth yet responsive ride feel. We focused on strength and ride feel when developing Convergence and we believe we've hit the sweet spot! The Triad pairs well with tires between 2.4" and 2.6", covering the most popular tire options out there.

Available in 27.5" and 29er Diameters

Available as a Wheelset too!


2.4 - 2.6


506g for 27.5" 32 hole

508g for 29" 28 hole

522g for 29" 32 hole





564mm for 27.5"

604mm for 29"

Convergence Rim Articulation Video

Convergence Wheelsets

Build your own Convergence Wheelset

Explore Convergence

Some key tips for building our rims

Spoke Tension Meter

We always require that you build with a high-end tension gauge. Make sure that the tension meter is calibrated and reading correctly. 

Our high tension target is 115kg/f. Do your best to keep all tension within 2% from one spoke to the next on each side of the hub. If you can
achieve better, the better the wheel will be, and the longer it will go without needing maintenance.

DO NOT build our wheels without a tension meter. It will lead to premature failure and undue stress on the rim.

Sapim Polyax Secure Lock Nipples

All of our rims must be assembled with Sapim spokes and nipples. Sapim makes by far the best nipple in the industry, and we do not rely on anyone else in-house.

The shape of the Polyax nipple is ideal for building without washers and provides the best possible nipple to spoke articulation to date.

If you cannot use or find the Polyax nipples, let us know, and we can sell you some and ship them with your rim order.

Pro Level Truing Stand

Using high-quality tools always gives the best outcome. If you have taken on the job of building up your wheel, please ensure you have the required tools to do so.

A professional Parktool truing stand, lateral dishing tool, and high quality 4 sided spoke keys are an excellent place to start.

Take your time and enjoy the process. Building wheels can be very rewarding and the outcome, if done right, can last a lifetime.

You got this!

Since every product is Hand Laid here in Kamloops, BC, we confidently stand behind our products and offer them a lifetime warranty to the original owner,
plus a crash replacement policy that ensures all of our supporters are
looked after. We love seeing our products in the wild and want to ensure
there is no hesitation once you have committed to becoming a part of
the family.

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